Kingfisher hide-photography
Monday 27 November 2017
Guide: Joost Bouwmeester

Omar contacted us that he would like to photograph Kingfishers and if there was a possibility to use a hide? With this request contacted our network and found an available hide. So in the early morning Joost picked up Omar and his brother and drove to the east part of the Netherlands facing the horrible weather and traffic.

After two hours the sat down in the hide in some very comfortable seats but couldn't relax for long. In the seven hours there wasn't a single moment that there wasn't a bird in front of the hide! Great-, Blue and Marsh Tits were ever present and Blackbirds and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker frequently visited the location.

The star birds was also there, at least two Kingfishers visited the hide to fish in the pool in front of it. It was a close call or one of them had been taken by a Sparrowhawk that appeared out of nowhere. But luckely the Kingfisher could escape.