20180201 Kingfisher photo hide

It’s a rainy day as Joost and Sean enter the Kingfisher hide. But the poor dull grey weather is soon forgotten as in five minutes a Kingfishers appears in front of the hide and cameras are rattling.

Sean has a passion for Kingfisher and everywhere he travels he want to photograph them. Therefore he selected Birding Netherlands who provided him with a guide and the best chance to photograph Common Kingfisher.

The whole day that Sean and Joost spend in the hide the Kingfisher never left the scene. Although they the light was to low for any action photography they still managed to get some nice action shots as the bird came out of the water after another dive.

Beside the Kingfisher other birds also visited the hide like Marsh, Great and Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Nuthatch and Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

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