20180709 - Groningen

Monday morning at seven I pick up Guilia and her sister at the train station at Buitenpost. It seems to be a good day for birding, a little cloudy and not to warm.

After a short drive we arrive at Esumakeeg. In the northern part of the area there a lots of birds. A couple of hundred Ruffs and some nice Curlew Sandpipers still in summer plumage. In the south there is almost no water left because of the very dry weather we had the last couple of weeks and so the birds are foraging rather on a distance. But we manage the see a Temminck’s Stint.

Then we set off to Diependal to see some Grebes. During the walk to the hide over there we see and hear some Yellowhammers. Form the hide we saw four kinds off Grebe’s, Black-necked, Little, Great Crested and Red-necked, and some nice Spoonbills.

The next stop we make is at the Fochteloerveen a marsh area famous for his breeding Common Cranes. But not this year unfortunately as the chick has died when it was separated from its parents when it wanted to cross the road which was busy with tourists. But a good view on a couple of Red backed Shrikes will do as well! The area is also one of the only places in Holland where you can see Whinchat in summer. We searched the area and the sky for Short toed Eagle but they are not cooperating.

Before I drop Guilia and her sister in Haren we drive to Oude Pekela for Gull billed Terns.

There are 9 birds present on the side and we have rather good views from this rare terns.

UK NL Latin
Little Grebe Dodaars Tachybaptus ruficollis
Red-necked Grebe Roodhalsfuut Podiceps grisegena
Great Crested Grebe Fuut Podiceps cristatus
Black-necked Grebe Geoorde Fuut Podiceps nigricollis
Great Cormorant Aalscholver Phalacrocorax carbo
Grey Heron Blauwe Reiger Ardea cinerea
White Stork Ooievaar Ciconia ciconia
Spoonbill Lepelaar Platalea leucorodia
Mute Swan Knobbelzwaan Cygnus olor
Greylag Goose Grauwe Gans Anser anser
Canada Goose Canadese Gans Branta canadensis
Ruddy Shelduck Casarca Tadorna ferruginea
Shelduck Bergeend Tadorna tadorna
Gadwall Krakeend Anas strepera
Mallard Wilde Eend Anas platyrhynchos
Teal Wintertaling Anas crecca
Shoveler Slobeend Anas clypeata
Common Pochard Tafeleend Aythya ferina
Tufted Duck Kuifeend Aythya fuligula
Marsh-Harrier Bruine Kiekendief Circus aeruginosus
Northern Goshawk Havik Accipiter gentilis
Buzzard Buizerd Buteo buteo
Kestrel Torenvalk Falco tinnunculus
Coot Meerkoet Fulica atra
Oystercatcher Scholekster Haematopus ostralegus
Avocet Kluut Recurvirostra avosetta
Lapwing Kievit Vanellus vanellus
Little Ringed Plover Kleine Plevier Charadrius dubius
Black-tailed Godwit Grutto Limosa limosa
Curlew Wulp Numenius arquata
Spotted Redshank Zwarte Ruiter Tringa erythropus
Redshank Tureluur Tringa totanus
Common Sandpiper Oeverloper Actitis hypoleucos
Temminck's Stint Temminck's Strandloper Calidris temminckii
Curlew Sandpiper Krombekstrandloper Calidris ferruginea
Dunlin Bonte Strandloper Calidris alpina
Ruff Kemphaan Philomachus pugnax
Common Gull Stormmeeuw Larus canus
Herring Gull Zilvermeeuw Larus argentatus
Lesser Black-backed Gull Kleine Mantelmeeuw Larus graellsii
Black-headed Gull Kokmeeuw Larus ridibundus
Gull-billed Tern Lachstern Sterna nilotica
Common Tern Visdief Sterna hirundo
Stock Pigeon Holenduif Columba oenas
Wood-Pigeon Houtduif Columba palumbus
Swift Gierzwaluw Apus apus
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Grote Bonte Specht Dendrocopos major
Sky Lark Veldleeuwerik Alauda arvensis
Sand Martin Oeverzwaluw Riparia riparia
Barn Swallow Boerenzwaluw Hirundo rustica
House Martin Huiszwaluw Delichon urbica
White Wagtail Witte Kwikstaart Motacilla alba
Yellow Wagtail Gele Kwikstaart Motacilla flava
Meadow Pipit Graspieper Anthus pratensis
Blackbird Merel Turdus merula
Reed-Warbler Kleine Karekiet Acrocephalus scirpaceus
Marsh Warbler Bosrietzanger Acrocephalus palustris
Chiffchaff Tjiftjaf Phylloscopus collybita
Whitethroat Grasmus Sylvia communis
Spotted Flycatcher Grauwe Vliegenvanger Muscicapa striata
Robin Roodborst Erithacus rubecula
Whinchat Paapje Saxicola rubetra
Stonechat Roodborsttapuit Saxicola rubicola
Treecreeper Boomkruiper Certhia familiaris
Red-backed Shrike Grauwe Klauwier Lanius collurio
Jay Gaai Garrulus glandarius
Carrion Crow Zwarte Kraai Corvus corone
Starling Spreeuw Sturnus vulgaris
Goldfinch Putter Carduelis carduelis
Yellowhammer Geelgors Emberiza citrinella
Reed Bunting Rietgors Emberiza schoeniclus

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