20180720 hide photography

Hide photography, full day in different hides
Date: 20 July 2018

It started with a session for little owls with perfect back light. The results are stunning. At one point we had 4 young owls in front of the hide. I would have needed a wider lens to frame them all. The interaction between the little owls was very nice. Unfortunately I was to slow to get any decent flight shot. Better luck next time.

Then after one hour and a half with the little owls we moved to a diffrent hide next to a pond. Since there has been a long drought the water level was very low. Combined to the very hot weather the chances were not that good to have a lot of bird activity.

Non the less, we were lucky to have a glance at a purple heron that tried to land on the pond, but got chased away by the oystercatcher defending it's chicks. Since the gear was no mounted yet, my only shot is a very blury photo from behind. It was my highlight of the day anyway.

The grey heron was e frequent visitor that day. Oystercatchers with their chicks were around all day. So were, lots of lapwings, some moorhens with chicks, wagtails adults and juvenils. but the light was hard so the pictures did not turn out that good.

In the reeds however next to the hide, we had fantastic oportunities with marsch, sedge warblers and eurasian stonechats in great light.

On our way out we stopped at the spot where we photographed the little owls juveniles in the morning. What a surprise to see one adult checking in on us. This time with a good front light with the sky as background.

A good day in a very good hide.


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