20181028 Full day bird photography tour Veluwe

20181028 Full day bird photography tour Veluwe

Full day guided bird photography tour National Parc Hoge Veluwe
Guide: Lesley van Loo
Date: 28 October 2018

Sunday 28 of octobre at 6.30 I picked up Mickie Lee in Amsterdam.She is a Cello teacher from San Francisco who is in the Netherlands for classical music. This sunday is her last day and she wants to spend it for her hobby: photographing birds. Because she has never been to Europe, most birds are new for her.

We started at nationaal park de Hoge Veluwe, because of the fact the parc opened a bit later than expected we had to wait a bit but at the road to the entrance there where a lot of birds. A lot of Common Chaffinch where present and also some Brambling which where very close to the car, a European Robin also came very close. After the parc opened we went to the public hide where some mice were running around and although it was rather quiet we also saw some nice birds like Hawfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Siskin.

After spending about 90 minutes at the hide we went further on, I wanted to show her Tawny Owl, unfortunately the owl wasn't at home at our first location. At the second location we also didn't see an owl but by looking a bit better it was there but was playing hide and seek, so we couldn't get any clear shots.On our way to the next place we stopped for some very tame Jackdaw and had some nice action shots of bathing Black-headed Gulls.

We arrived on our location to look for some other birds, we were hoping for Long-tailed Tit but they weren't around but we had some nice views of Goldcrest and Common Firecrest. After that we wanted to go to the last location to photograph Long-eared Owl, on our way there was a White Stork on a lamppost next to the road so we stopped to take some pictures.

Luckily two Long-eared Owls where present and we could make some nice pictures. When walking to that location there was a Grey Wagtail but the light wasn't to good any more and the bird flew off .I brought Micky Lee back to the place she stayed at at the end of the day. All in all a nice day with some nice photo opportunities.

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