20190409 full day birding Flevoland

20190409 full day birding Flevoland

Full day tour at the Oostvaardersplassen and Amsterdam
Guide: Cor Visser
Date: Saturday 9 April 2019

It’s 06:45 am when I arrived at the hotel where Suzanne sleeps she was already waiting in front of her hotel in Amsterdam.

We headed to the Oostvaardersplassen where we arrived at 07:30. Sadly there was a lot of wind and the birds were hard to see. At the car park we where welcomed by the sound of a Wren, Chiffchaff and Blackbird. First we went to the hide named “the Kluut” on our way to the hide we saw and heard Willow Warbler, Barn Swallow, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Wren, Blackbirds, Cetti’s Warbler and Chiffchaffs. In front of the hide we see Avocets, Black-tailed Godwit, Common Redshanks, Shovelers, Barn Swallow and Greylag Geese.

We spend some time there and Suzanne took some great photos. When we got back to the car we first took a cup of coffee with stroopwafel (typically Dutch biscuits). Our next stop was another hide named “the Grauwe Gans” here we saw Black-tailed Godwit, Redshank, Avocet, Coot, Greylag Geese, Northern Lapwing, Northern Shoveler, etc.

We went back to the main entrance for a walk through the area. During our walk we saw European Goldfinch, Linnet, White Wagtail, Common Buzzard and more. We also spotted a Red Fox, Red Deer and Konik Horse and Suzanne was able to photograph them.

Suzanne's great wish was to see the Bluethroat and to take a good photo of this beautiful warbler. After a long search we found the Bluethroat low by the ground. Another was singing in top of a little tree and was easily approachable for some fantastic shots.

We went further to another hide and saw more Konik Horses, Red deer and an Buzzard. After this hide we walked back to the visitor center for a lunch.

After the lunch we decided to continue to walk to the hide "De Oeverloper". When we arrived in the hide we saw a lot of Geese in front of the hide and hoped for the Kingfisher but he didn’t showed himself.

We drove back to the other side of the water to see if the Bearded Tit showed up. Arriving at the destination, the wind was blowing very hard and the birds kept low. On the water it was very quiet.

We moved to the Lepelaarsplassen and have a look on the wetland with also a lot of Geese. We continued our way to the hide. Here we saw many Tufted Ducks, Gadwall and a couple Black Swan. When we headed back to Amsterdam the total score of the day was 65 species of birds.

UK NL Latin
Little Grebe Dodaars Tachybaptus ruficollis
Great Crested Grebe Fuut Podiceps cristatus
Great Cormorant Aalscholver Phalacrocorax carbo
Grey Heron Blauwe Reiger Ardea cinerea
Great Egret Grote Zilverreiger Ardea alba
Spoonbill Lepelaar Platalea leucorodia
Mute Swan Knobbelzwaan Cygnus olor
White-fronted Goose Kolgans Anser albifrons
Greylag Goose Grauwe Gans Anser anser
Barnacle Goose Brandgans Branta leucopsis
Shelduck Bergeend Tadorna tadorna
Wigeon Smient Anas penelope
Gadwall Krakeend Anas strepera
Mallard Wilde Eend Anas platyrhynchos
Northern Pintail Pijlstaart Anas acuta
Teal Wintertaling Anas crecca
Shoveler Slobeend Anas clypeata
Tufted Duck Kuifeend Aythya fuligula
Goldeneye Brilduiker Bucephala clangula
Marsh-Harrier Bruine Kiekendief Circus aeruginosus
Buzzard Buizerd Buteo buteo
Moorhen Waterhoen Gallinula chloropus
Coot Meerkoet Fulica atra
Oystercatcher Scholekster Haematopus ostralegus
Avocet Kluut Recurvirostra avosetta
Lapwing Kievit Vanellus vanellus
Black-tailed Godwit Grutto Limosa limosa
Curlew Wulp Numenius arquata
Redshank Tureluur Tringa totanus
Common Gull Stormmeeuw Larus canus
Herring Gull Zilvermeeuw Larus argentatus
Lesser Black-backed Gull Kleine Mantelmeeuw Larus graellsii
Black-headed Gull Kokmeeuw Larus ridibundus
Wood-Pigeon Houtduif Columba palumbus
Collared-Dove Turkse Tortel Streptopelia decaocto
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Grote Bonte Specht Dendrocopos major
White Wagtail Witte Kwikstaart Motacilla alba
Meadow Pipit Graspieper Anthus pratensis
Wren Winterkoning Troglodytes troglodytes
Dunnock Heggemus Prunella modularis
Blackbird Merel Turdus merula
Chiffchaff Tjiftjaf Phylloscopus collybita
Blackcap Zwartkop Sylvia atricapilla
Robin Roodborst Erithacus rubecula
Bluethroat Blauwborst Luscinia cyanecula
Marsh Tit Glanskop Poecile palustris
Great Tit Koolmees Parus major
Blue Tit Pimpelmees Cyanistes caeruleus
Nuthatch Boomklever Sitta europaea
Jay Gaai Garrulus glandarius
Magpie Ekster Pica pica
Jackdaw Kauw Corvus monedula
Carrion Crow Zwarte Kraai Corvus corone
Starling Spreeuw Sturnus vulgaris
Chaffinch Vink Fringilla coelebs
Greenfinch Groenling Carduelis chloris
Goldfinch Putter Carduelis carduelis
Reed Bunting Rietgors Emberiza schoeniclus

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