Siberian Ruby

Last Friday a long-expected and wished for species finally turned up in The Netherlands: a male Siberian Rubythroat !! One of the most beautiful species from the field guide. In short: as things goes nowadays, the bird was seen in someone’s backyard and this person posted it on Facebook with the question who could ID this bird for her. Some hearts must have stopped beating….

The following days birders came from all over The Netherlands (and surrounding countries) to see this first-time appearance. And, ‘yes’, I went as well, although not until today. During my presence the bird showed itself briefly three times, enough to make the necessary evidence shots and enjoy this Siberian Beauty.

Posted by Hans Overduin

The Siberian Rubythroat is still showing well and is even singing. Especially on clear and less windy days you have a chance to see and hear the bird mainly in the morning.

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