Cor Visser

Cor Visser (1946) was born and raised in Amsterdam. Cor regularly left the city to enjoy nature, but it was not until he met a birder during his compulsory year in the Dutch army, that he began to develop an interest in birds.

Cor was interested in watching birds, but also wanted to photograph them well. His photos have appeared in various magazines, books etc.

Cor is not only interested in birds, but his love of nature extended to dragonflies, butterflies, insects, mushrooms and mammals.

Another passion of Cor is traveling to capture nature and to guide people. Not only in Europe but also far beyond, countries such as South Africa, Malaysia, Suriname, United States, North and South Pole etc. were visited. His main goal is to make people aware of the nature around them and to get photographers to take a more responsible role toward birds and wildlife.

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