Maarten Wielstra

Maarten is a fanatic birder who lives in a town near Amsterdam situated along the coast. In his spare time he tries to find rare birds on his local patch. Birding with Maarten is great fun and he is one of the best Dutch birders who can identify birds by just only their call or song. He can tell you all about bird sounds and how to record them with just your mobile phone.

If you want to challenge yourself as a birder then join Maarten to go looking for gulls. He can learn you to look at subtle differences to identify different (sub)species. And not only with gulls but all the other species of birds which most birders just find to hard to deal with.

Besides birds Maarten is also interested in moths and other insects like butterflies and dragonflies.

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Maarten Wielstra, listening for Middle Spotted Woodpeckers

"I loved the two days we spent viewing those parts of the Netherlands I haven't seen. The national park was lovely. Maarten is such a thoughtful host. Made sure I was comfortable and provided me with enough snacks. We did the kind of birding I enjoy. Birding, but with the idea that we see the countryside as well. I loved going up by the Wadden Sea. The 2,000+ stilts were a treat. I saw plenty of variety of birds, but especially, much of your wonderful country. Maarten is an excellent guide and listens to his customer. I wish you good luck with your venture in birding in the Netherlands."

Kathy USA

"Thanks you very much to arrage an airport layover on such a short notice. We where very happy to see our target bird that Maarten showed us."

Hannu, Finland