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We guide Birding and Photography Tours in The Netherlands. If you are planning a visit or a holiday in the Netherlands we can help you find targets birds, take wonderful photos of Dutch wildlife or go birding near Amsterdam when you have a layover between flights.

We can also arrange a full accommodation as we work with hotels, B&B and rental companies for private and group single and multiple day tours.

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Birder's Guide to the Netherlands

The Netherlands or Holland, lies in Europe and is one of the smaller countries. Most tourist often know more about Amsterdam then The Netherlands and what tourist know about The Netherlands are wooden shoes, windmills, tulips, Gouda cheese and the Keukenhof.

Still Schiphol airport is one of busiest airports of Europe with over 55 mln passengers each year and growing. Nowadays Rotterdam airport is also getting more popular with continental flights.

But The Netherlands has more to offer especially for nature lovers. We have variety important birding areas like the Wadden Sea and large nature reserves like Veluwe National Parc and the Oostvaardersplassen but there are far more interesting areas for bird watching and photography.


Most of the time our clients have a specific list of target birds they like to see or photograph f.e. Red-breasted Goose, Lesser White-fronted Goose, Black Woodpecker, Smew, White-tailed Eagle and Crested Tit which breed and/or winter in the Netherlands.

But most birders and photographers visit the Netherlands for the variety and vast numbers of wintering ducks, geese and waders that are attracted to the meadows and wetlands. We therefore offer various tours, guided by our professional team, which can be found in our birding and photography tours.

These tours give you an overall impression what to expect but we always have close contact with our clients to give you the best that's possible.

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20191120 two day guided birding
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20190919 Oostvaardersplassen
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