20190414 hide photography

20190414 hide photography

Full day hide photography
Guide: Menno van Duijn
Date: Sunday 14 April 2019

As a present for her husband David, Delphine booked a full day bird photography from the bird hide, the target was the Kingfisher but the populations had crashed the previous winter(s) and where still not recovered so we hoped for the best.

We arrived at the hide and Great Tits welcomed us with their presence and before we got set about a dozen of birds already visited the spot. We got comfortable in the cinema seats that are inside the hide and prepared for a busy morning.

The Great Tits were almost there every minute and where joined by Blue and Marsh Tits. A Chaffinches, Robin and Dunnock frequently visited the spot to take the food the tits had dropped. A pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers also visited the hide for a couple of times in perfect morning light and made up for the absence of the Kingfisher.

A Grey Heron also came along and took on of the fish in the pond so we got some kind of a blue fisher in front of the lens. When the bird activity dropped around midday we decided to change the plan for the afternoon.

After we returned the key of the hide we drove to Arkenheem that was on the route and used the car as a mobile hide for the Black-tailed Godwits and Common Redshanks who were very cooperative and so was a Eurasian Spoonbill who landed in the canal next to the car!

A very nice way to end this phototrip with.

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