Let Autumn begin!

Let Autumn begin!

Yes, the dull time of the year for birding is coming to it's end: Summer..... Already at the end of July you see the first signs of migration. Birds that weren't successful rearing young have left their breeding grounds and are heading south. Last few days some adult Arctic Skuas have been seen.

When we have strong wind from the west we can expect seabirds like skuas (check out our id-article), shearwaters, storm-petrels, gannets and fulmars. In order to see if the conditions are promising for watching seabirds we've also made a page with useful weather info

At the time writing the first juvenile birds have also started to move. Juvenile Willow Warblers suddenly appear in town parks en at the ringing stations the also caught marshlands songbirds like Savi's Warblers, Reed Warblers etc

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