Menno van Duijn, born in 1983, got interested in birds at the age of four. His parents bought an English bird book and translated the names into Dutch and within a couple of days he new all the birds in it.

Menno was always outdoor, searching for bird nests, catching frogs and watching birds. The neighbor of his grandma was also a keen birdwatcher who took him along and taught hem about bird watching and introduced him to the local bird club. 

Later he met other birders of his age . Every weekend they got out and later when they got their drivers license they chased rare birds all over the country.

 At the age of 12 he then got his first lens and body and spend all his pocket money on films. Luckily digital photography stepped in.

Menno mainly works in the dunes and on the beach near his home but he also travels abroad to take photos like Iceland, Poland, Spain, Antarctica and more.

Since 2009 he leads tours and gives workshops. In 2015 started Birding Netherlands. Please visit his website.