Target birds:

Black Woodpecker

Middle Spotted Woodpecker

Short-toed Eagle

European Nightjar

Crested Tit

Wood Warbler

In the central part of the Netherlands lies the National Park Hoge Veluwe. This was the first national park of 55 km2 with dunes, heath and woodland. It's best explored by bike (included with the entrance fee of the park) or for long hikes. When we visit the park it mostly for the whole day or in combination with the Oostvaarderplassen.


The park is most productive in summer. An early start (sunrise) if best for the woodpeckers and warblers and flycatchers. In the afternoon we scan the sky for raptors like Honey Buzzard and with luck Short-toed Eagle. Beside special birds we also look for dragonflies, butterflies and other fantastic insects including Stag Beetle.


When we have time we can stay untill runset when Nightjars will start to be active.