Service Agreement Birding Netherlands


Birding Netherlands is not an official registered company as we don't have any profits and merely ask for a compensation of our expenses for time and materials. 


We offers guided tours in the Netherlands and surrounding countries as a service to fellow birders and photographers. For this service we ask for compensation that can be found on the website.


These only includes the costs for the guide, short-term parking costs, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages brought by the guide e.g. coffee, tea, water, juices, fruits, biscuits and sweets.


Meals (breakfast, lunch, diner), ferries and personal expenses  are not included in the standard prices. The transportation is free of charge.


Tour agreement

All tours are discussed with the clients and are tailor-made as we want to offer the best service. However we can’t guarantee that the birds or other animals will show up but we always will do our best to maximize the possibility. 



Birding Netherlands and the guides are not kept responsible for any personal injuries, losses or other matters that may lie beyond our power. The client has to make sure that he covers this by his or her own insurances.